Success for our Motherland tomorrow. Better lives for our people today.


Our Vision

To empower women by improving their capacity to raise their standard of life, make them self-sufficient and restore their respect in the Afghan Society.

Our Background:
Historically, Afghan women have always held a crucial and active role in the struggle for freedom. The heroic struggle and fight against the invaders by many Afghan women became a glorious part of our history. Such events are not only unforgettable, but they will remain as a source of great encouragement and inspiration for future Afghan generations.

Since the women in Afghanistan have suffered more than anyone else during the resistance against the Soviet occupation, it is therefore necessary to take into consideration that they should have full access to basic human rights. Afghanistan Women Council was established with great hope to advocate for a better situation for Afghan women and increase awareness of human rights, women’s rights, refugee rights, children rights, peace-building and democracy issues within the Afghan context. It is worth mentioning that AWC has been awarded four international awards for its performance in these areas since its establishment in 1986. 

Who We Are

Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, non-sectarian Charity Organization founded in 1986 with an aim to assist Afghan women and children. The predominant objective of the organization is to enlighten women, improve their living conditions and strengthen their socio-economic status in society by their multi-lateral involvement in development activities. AWC is registered with the Government of Pakistan and Afghanistan as a charity NGO. It has run various activities for Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan since 1986. It has also run a hospital in Kabul since 1992. AWC is registered with the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women Affairs UNDP, UNOPS and WFP as an Afghan NGO and registered with the Ministry of Justice as a social organization. 

Our Mission

To enlighten women and children, improve their living conditions and strengthen their health, education and socio-economic status in society by their multi-lateral involvement in development activities.

Our Objectives:
• To secure civil and social rights of women based on the Islamic principles and Afghan culture and traditions. 
• To create understanding, cooperation and harmony among Afghan women on issues of national and international importance. 
• To advance the place of women in Afghan society. 
• To encourage and promote education for Afghan women at the national level. 
• To improve the social, economic, health and cultural conditions of Afghan women.
• To establish friendly relations with similar organizations around the world and
• To provide opportunities for the active participation of women within Afghan culture, in educating the next generation, rehabilitation and development of Afghan society through building their capacity.

AWC strives to work within its mandate, mission and objectives effectively for Afghanistan and Afghan people.     

Development Activities

Women Support Programs
Working Approach

AWC encourages active participation of communities in the social and economic development of society, through its long-term development activities, their involvement in decision-making, planning, and the implementation of their activities. This encouragement is reflected in the setting up of Advisory Committees, of whose members include representatives of different sections of society, i.e. the beneficiaries. They uphold a policy of employing as many local people as possible, so the communities share in the implementation of programs by being given cash in kind, as well as suggestions and advice. 

Coed School


Basic Education:
Literacy, math, health & parenting, conflict resolution & peace-building, environment, community leadership & rehabilitation, human rights, women’s rights, Rule of law, transitional justice, good governance & civil society, democracy, peace development and reconciliation. Also AWC specializes in Community Development, Health, Alternative Livelihood Program and small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development and thought thousands of Afghan Women since 1986.
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Doctors Treating Patients


Mother and Child Health Clinic:
The clinic began service for 25,000 poor families in the Shahrak Khurasan area of Kabul in 2000 and was running operations up to 2002 without any donor support. 11 staff members working 10 hours a day visited 60-80 mothers and children daily without pay and provided lab tests and proper medication. 
Psychosocial Support and Counseling: Individual, group counseling and psychosocial support is an important service that is provided. We focus on self-esteem and self-confidence, improving inter-personal and inter-group relations as well as stress, anger and grief management.
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Aid station

Relief & Rehabilitation

AWC has provided 1,000 women with relief aid in the winter during the last year and supported many more on a monthly basis. AWC has completed a relief project for 500 families providing them with clean drinking water, necessary materials for shelter and food in Paktika and Parwan Provinces since 2002. 
AWC has completed drinking water projects with the people’s support to provide 25 families with clean drinking water (a deep well with a hand pump).
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Women in Business

Income Generation

Income Generation Training:
Topics included in our training include marketing, management, small business, basic accounting, entrepreneurship, legal and gender issues.
Vocational Training:
Training in sewing, knitting, handicrafts, soap making, vegetable gardening, soap making, sweet and pickle making and poultry raising are offered. 
Skills Sharing Workshops:
Women share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned in project related areas.
Introduction to Micro-Finance Training: Features covered are an explanation of the structure and purpose of micro-finance, including loans, savings programs and Village Organizations.
AWC has provided 5,000 widows and the most vulnerable women with the skills training in the Benehesar, Qala e Musa, Qala e Fatullah, Deh Afghanan, Kandahar, Parwan and Jalalabadd. These women are running their own businesses and supporting their families. AWC will provide 1,500 more widows and the most vulnerable women with loans in Kabul, Parwan Kandahar and Jalalabad this year to run their businesses and financially have a sustainable life. 
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Afghan women and children tell their personal stories.

Nafas Gul KhwajaSayed

Age: 40

Province: Panjshir

Children: 4 daughters, 3 sons

Life is like a river full of downs that always drowns humans in it. But sometimes humans, by the use of their mind, save themselves from these adversities. I asked her to tell me some memories of her life. She smiled and told me her life story.


Province: Kart-e-Naw, Kabul

Children: 2 daughters, 1 son who is paralyzed

Here is an old proverb - Who Sees the Hungry Graves. This proverb really matches the living condition of Aziza, When I looked at Aziza, I thought that she was only a body and her soul had gone. I thought to myself that I am dreaming. I was depressed in her painful sea. When I saw her, she was crying, and then she started to present her life story with a vibrating voice..


Age: 35

Province: Qala-e-Wahid, Kabul 

 5 Daughters, 3 Sons 

She is 35 years old and a single mother of eight children, 5 girls and 3 sons. She is living in Qala-e-Wahid area of Kabul city. Aqila was really far removed from an open and educated society. She had no information or awarness about being a literate woman in society, or what steps are necessary to take in order to be an active part of a society. She was unaware of how to be a pillar in strenghtening the economic life of her family, of women rights, children rights and so on...


Afghanistan Women Council wishes to express our deepest condolences to the families of those who were lost and injured at the recent Kabul Airport bombing

This is a difficult time for the people of Afghanistan. There is much uncertainty amid the transfer of leadership. There are security issues and the financial system is in peril. This is a time for us to come together as a nation and we ask the International community to continue to support us. Donations will help us get through these initial stages.

Afghanistan Women Council stands by our slogan:
Success for our Motherland tomorrow. Better lives for our people today.

We hope that we will be able to continue serving the most vulnerable in our community in whatever way is best. Inshallah!


This is a letter of appreciation that was awarded to the founder of Afghanistan Women Council, in recognition of her service on behalf of women by the Upper House of the National Assembly.

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Help us to spread the word through your social media channels, your contacts, and to government officials in your sphere of influence. We need the international community to support women's rights and ensure that our constitution is respected going forward. Shine a light on Afghanistan and like ripples in a pond expanding outward, together we will prevail.

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