We ensure that women are educated, well trained and supported every step of the way.
Our women build successful businesses and earn income to support themselves and their families.

Micro-finance loans are changing lives by helping women run their own businesses. 50 women received loans on December 15, 2019. Read more.

Income Generation Training:
Topics included in our training include marketing, management, small business, basic accounting, entrepreneurship, legal and gender issues.
Vocational Training:
Training in sewing, knitting, handicrafts, soap making, vegetable gardening, soap making, sweet and pickle making and poultry raising are offered.
Skills Sharing Workshops:
Women share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned in project related areas.
Introduction to Micro-Finance Training: Features covered are an explanation of the structure and purpose of micro-finance, including loans, savings programs and Village Organizations.
AWC has provided 5,000 widows and the most vulnerable women with the skills training in the Benehesar, Qala e Musa, Qala e Fatullah, Deh Afghanan, Kandahar, Parwan and Jalalabadd. These women are running their own businesses and supporting their families. AWC will provide 1,500 more widows and the most vulnerable women with loans in Kabul, Parwan Kandahar and Jalalabad this year to run their businesses and financially have a sustainable life.
Home Visits:
Meetings are held with participants and their families to explain the program and gain support for women’s participation.
Small Group meetings:
Women work together, jointly guaranteeing loans and repayment, and marketing and supporting each other’s businesses.
Village Organization meetings:
Women form a community to manage credit and savings and support one another in the development of their small businesses.
Micro-Finance Committee Meetings:
Meetings for project planning, development, implementation and monitoring related to micro-finance are held to ensure success.
Steering Committee Meetings:
Greater oversight is the role of the Steering Committee which oversees project planning, development, implementation and monitoring.
Working Group Meetings include a detailed analysis of women’s needs, with a focus on vocational training and income generation.  

women are running businesses