June 26, 2019

33rd Anniversary of Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) establishment 

June 26, 2019

On June 26th 2019, AWC’s board of committee’s honored the 33rd anniversary of AWC as the organization passing more than 3 decades of its services to Afghan Women since its establishment. The gathering was held in AWC’s conference hall with the participation of the one who initiated the name (AWC) and the commitment towards Afghan Women Empowerment, no other than Mrs. Fatana Ishaq Gailani and other key staff members.

On the occasion Mrs. Fatana Ishaq Gailani (AWC’s Founder& Chairwoman) shared:
“ It’s really an honor for me and my teammatesm, former and current, to celebrate one of the most joyous days of my life with the AWC anniversary. Afghanistan Women Council’s initiative was a result of the enduring contribution of many extraordinary women who now are successful leaders on their own. Thirty-three years ago we came together during a very tough situation of migration to life in Pakistan and we decided to establish an entity with the aim to raise the real voices of Afghan women on the national and international level and we are inspired by the depth of each and every single commitment made by the team members for the empowerment and success of Afghan women and children.

I am very grateful for the actions we have undertaken both during the time that we were migrants in Pakistan starting in 1986 until today in our current work which ensures highly significant progress and ever expanding impact. Since 1986 we have had the privilege of supporting thousands of women, men and children in the fields of health, education, psychosocial treatment, literacy, life skills, early childhood development, vocational training, business development support and micro-finance under my direct leadership and our qualified teammates. As we mark the 33rd anniversary of AWC, we will continue to expand on this over three decades of dedicated work, depending on our commitment to create broader opportunities for Afghan Women and children. The tasks and problems that hinder this struggle have made us more sophisticated and committed to our goals, and God has opened the doors of hope for this purified purpose. I wish you all success for each and single step you put forth.”

Afterwards each of the committee members pointed to their success and best practices during the past year and renewed their commitment to determined work and to be at the forefront of social struggle and activities.